Legacy Runners

Background Info

In 2011 the OC Marathon launched its Legacy Program. If you have participated in our full or half marathon in 2017 and 2018, you will receive your Legacy Appreciation Gift at the 2019 event. You don't need to contact us about eligibility, you will be automatically entered into our Legacy Club when you register for our 2019 race if you ran the past two years. There will also be a confirmation page available as we get closer to the race for you to verify you have been entered as a Legacy. Legacy Members continue to receive Legacy Appreciation Gifts for every year that your streak is kept alive.

Visit the OC Legacy Lounge

Our legacy runners (participants who have ran our event for 3 years in a row) will be able to access the special OC Legacy Lounge. The OC Legacy Lounge will offer an exclusive shaded area near the main stage where runners can enjoy an extra beer, a slice of pizza, and kick back in a lounge environment.

2019 Legacy Members Appreciation Gift will be available at the OC Lifestyle and Fitness Expo to pick up! Make sure you don't miss it!

On Race Weekend

Where to Pick up Your Legacy Appreciation gift

You can pick up your Legacy Gift Item at the Legacy Booth (next to the Beach Cities Challenge Booth) which will be centrally located in the Lifestyle and Fitness  Expo.


If your Legacy Runner status does not appear when you check your confirmation (when available), please email us at legacy@ocmarathon.com  or visit the solutions table at the Lifestyle and Fitness Expo on Friday or Saturday. The Legacy Runners will have the OC Legacy Logo printed on their Bib.  If you do not – please visit solutions at the Lifestyle and Fitness  Expo as well.

Founders Club

Founders club pricing is $65.00 for the Half Marathon, and $80.00 for the Full Marathon.  Registration codes for all Founder's Club members will go out via email in September.  If you do not receive the email or have questions about whether you are eligible for Founder's Club status, please email us at legacy@ocmarathon.com. The Founders Club members are also Legacy Runners.  The Founders Club members have run every race since the OC Marathon's inception in 2004.