Run the OC For Free by Fundraising For a Cause

$650,000 Raised in 2019. Join the race for 2020!

Choosing the Run For Free option during registration allows you to team up with the charity of your choice to fundraise for a cause that matters to you.

As a Run for Free runner, you pay nothing for your registration, but you commit to raising money for the cause you choose! Your registration will not be valid until you have reached your fundraising commitment.

Here's how:

1. Choose your participating charity and get registered

2. Reach the chosen charity's fundraising minimum!

3. Receive free entry to your race, and run happy knowing that you are making a difference for a great cause!

Fundraising Minimums

Choosing to run for free is a commitment to your charity of choice.  Each charity partner that is participating in the Run for Free program has set specific fundraising minimums for each race, therefore, it is important to understand your commitment. If the fundraising minimum is not met, your race entry will be voided.

Participating Charities

Run for Free for A Cause - Fundraising Minimums

Charity Name5K MinimumHalf MinimumFull MinimumHalf Combo MinimumFull Combo Minimum
John Wayne Cancer Foundation$250$500$700$750$850
Project Youth$150$350$500$500$650
Free Wheelchair Mission$240$480$560$800$800
Marketplace Ministries$150$350$500$500$650
Project Independence$150$350$500$750$850
Seneca Family of Agencies $150$350$500$500$650
HD- Care $150$350$500$500$650
Outreach to the World$200$300400$600$600
We Run OC Kids$250$500$700$750$850
Girls on the Run OC $150$350$500$500$650
The OC Marathon Foundation$150$350$500 $500$650
Casa OC $250No longer available No longer available No longer available No longer available
Team Nocco $200
aMAYzing Kids $100
Team World Vision No Run for Free

Detailed Registration Steps

1. Click Register now on any OC Marathon page

2. Choose Run for Free Option as your event and choose the charity you want to fundraise for. On the 4th page of registration you will choose your event.

3. Confirm that you are comfortable with raising (or donating) that charities Run for Free minimum (listed above).

4. Join the Charity you want to fundraise for on the Charity and Corporate Team menu at the bottom of the first page.

5. You can make a donation to start your fundraising. Any amount that you donate will go directly toward your fundraising commitment.

6. Complete your registration (Choose your event on Page 4).

7. Create your Fundraising page on the last page of registration. This page can be shared with others on social media (or in person) to show people who/what you are fundraising for and where they can donate. Edit your picture and text to share more information about your individual fundraiser.

8. Raise the minimum $ amount that you committed to raising and join the race!  Every mile ran will mean so much more when you run for a cause!