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In 2010, I accomplished my inaugural half marathon, and since then, my passion for running has led me to complete a remarkable 156 half marathons across 48 states. The OC Marathon holds a special place in my heart, and there are numerous reasons why I adore it. Despite my relatively late entry into the running world, I derive immense joy from every race, regardless of my speed. Completing the distance and enjoying the experience have always been my primary goals. Looking ahead, 2024 marks my third year as an ambassador for the race, and it will be a monumental 12th year of participating in this extraordinary event.  

Ciara Iglehart

I am a former world class basketball player turned run coach and run leader/ambassador for Black Girls Run San Diego. I love building and connecting runners in my community by leading weekly group runs, social media engagement, and supporting runners through their training and race journeys. I encourage and inspire others to run at their own pace and be the best runner they can be. I am looking forward to running my favorite race in southern California again ( OC Half Marathon) because of the amazing views, the continued love and support from spectators and event staff, and amazing running weather that we always have as I will be going into my 3rd year! Hope to see you out there! 


I am a lifelong runner who ran competitively in high school and college. I have completed over 40 marathons but I have never run in an OC Marathon race. I started working the OC Marathon as a zone manager fourteen years ago. Look for me at mile 7.5 on race day as I’ll be out there to make sure everyone has a safe and fun run!


I love the OC Marathon because I met my wife there. I’ve run it 7 years consecutively and love this beautiful course. I’m looking forward to OC 2024 to run this race again with my family and friends.


Hello, my fellow Inspired runners my name is Tony and I’m from Ontario Ca. I’m A legacy runner and have been running the OC Marathon for about 5 plus year and looking forward to this year’s event. As a runner I feed off the energy of my fellow runners and love to to motivate others weather its going for a PR, going on long distance runs, or just being that one person to push you to do your best. I love running with my running groups Pomona Valley runners and Claremont Trotters during the week to stay consistent training plan. I also host Inspired Runners Saturday group runs to train for marathons during the year. The running community is so awesome and I’m here to help anywhere I can by sharing posts, training tips and encouraging others to have fun. 


Hello to all!!! I am Tonita! I love to read, to dance, the color pink, and running while  exploring outside! I am the mother of 7 and my family is what fuels my “try everything” as I chase my purpose and peace. I love OC because the event is well put together and the community support and runners are just amazing and OC was my first marathon in 2022 and my second in 2023! I am looking forward to continuing to legacy status next year as I run the combo for my third time! Hopefully I can run the 5k with all 7 of my kids in 2024!  


I am a 45 year old single mom to two very active boys and a fairly new runner. I love to run and race for fun along with the mental and physical benefits it provides me! I ran the OC 5K with my kids and the OC Half Marathon in May 2022 for my first time and we will be running it for our 3rd time in 2024! Having lived in Orange County during my college years and through my late 20’s- I feel a sense of nostalgia running this course and I love every bit of it- the expo, course, Celebrate OC festival, and VIP lounge.

As someone who developed a love for fitness later in life, I want to remind everyone that it is never too late to try something new or return to something you once loved! Hope you will join me and my boys for some exercise and good fun by participating in the OC Marathon weekend!


Gorgeous course, best crowd support and staff.  By far the best race after party. Very welcoming to all levels of runners and walkers. A must do race. What I love the most about OCM is the incredible lasting friendships and the beautiful course.


I love OCM, you feel a beautiful energy, I love the organization they have for that day, the after party atmosphere is incredible, the live music makes it special and more because you can enjoy it with family and friends.

Sharon Mexal

I run to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, spend quality time with friends and family.  As a melanoma survivor, I also run to raise awareness and funds to support non-profits that promote sun safety, educate on early skin cancer detection, and raise funds for melanoma research.  The OC marathon weekend in May coincides with the kick off of skin cancer awareness month and is always a great reminder of for why I run.  2024 will be my 13th year participating in the OC marathon weekend and the half is my favorite race course and finish line.  I can’t wait to run this 13.1 mile block party again with my community!

Alex montes

Hello! My name is Alex Montes and I have became a racing fiend! This past OC race was officially my 2nd year running this race. This is one of my top favorite races as aside from the most beautiful scenic views the energy is always BUZZING! In 2024 I am looking to do even more – Marathons, Ultras, Ironmans Etc. Can’t wait to see you out there!


Hi Running Family, my name is Rebecca and I’ve been running since 2016! It’s the best race, with the best sunrise. Imagine back bay sunrise with a ton of other runner who just crushed 8 miles and are cheering you on. There’s nothing else that compares and it keeps me coming back year after year! 

Lindsay Collins

I am a runner who is always on the fitness journey, making sure I am having fun working out or when running on the pavement. The OC half marathon was my first ever half marathon back in 2014, I keep coming back every year. The OC is a beautiful place to run and the course is mostly flat. 2024 is a big year for the OC Marathon, its an anniversary year of 20 years in the racing community. I can’t wait for race weekend, it is going to be popping off! 

gloria shen

Hi, I’m Gloria. I’m an organizer of a run group in Irvine called RunOC, where I’m fortunate to meet runners of all backgrounds and levels. I’ve ran the OC Half Marathon 3 years in a row and love the experiences. The course is beautiful and one-of-a-kind! I’m committed to promoting the 2024 OC Marathon and inspiring people to register for it! I’m currently training for my 7th marathon. I believe that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, fast or slow, I will always see myself at the finish one.

nicole mango

Hi, I’m Nicole!  A Newport Beach local and mom of 2 boys who manages to run 100+ miles a week. This past year I stepped up my running game and ran my first Ultra Marathon. 

For me running is more than just running.  

It’s personal growth

It’s mental clarity 

It’s an addiction to the process of getting better everyday. 

I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity to be a OCM Ambassador.  

It doesn’t matter how fast you go, just keep going!  

See you all out there! ❤️ 🏃‍♀️ 

steven rhyne

I got into running in 2019 and have enjoyed it ever since! I first ran OC in 2021 after coming out of COVID and have run it a total of 3 times! Half in 2021 and 2023. The full Marathon in 2022. The 5k three times. I’m looking forward to continuing my running lifestyle going into 2024 and meeting fellow runners in the process! Looking forward to seeing you in OC!!

briana sharp

Briana is an avid runner who has been a part of the OC Marathon community since the 2014 event, having completed the half eight times (two virtually). Briana considers this one of her annual go-to races due to the amazing community of staff and volunteers, the views, and that the race remains committed to creating a great experience for athletes at the front and back of the pack–and everywhere in between. In 2024, Briana is excited to help OC celebrate its 20th anniversary.


I grew up playing soccer, and after a series of injuries, decided my field days were over and I’d need to turn to running in straight lines. Running also became a great way for me to discover and explore new areas of the country I lived in, and so be it that I ran my first half marathon in Georgia in 2012. Since then, I’ve completed 90 of them in 13 different states, and have a goal to eventually run a half marathon in all 50. The OC Marathon holds a special place in my heart, as it holds my full marathon PR, but I absolutely love the half marathon course for the support and those ocean views! I’m so excited to be returning as an ambassador, and can’t wait to see you on the course in May! 


runner stretching

Hello! I have been running for years, participating in races and embracing the energy of fellow runners and the support of my loved ones on the sidelines. When I am not running, you can find me at a local coffee shop, at home with my cats Rosie and Soju, or at Angel Stadium. As a lifelong Angels fan, I continue to be loyal, dedicated, optimistic and hopeful – which is the kind of mindset that keeps me running, tackling difficult miles, inclines and hot, humid weather. The 2024 OC Marathon will be my first full marathon and I am excited to share my journey with everyone!

jalisa morales

I’m a mom to a toddler, a wife, and I work full time as a photographer. Running is the time in the day where I’m doing something only for me and it’s a major perk to cram in social hour with my girlfriends while crushing a 2 hour run. I’m so excited to be an OC Marathon ambassador because this race was the 3rd of the beach city races I did this past year and getting that trifecta medal was the point when I finally considered myself a runner. 

jayson warsuma

I am from New York. I have been running when I was 7 years old. I live in Los Angeles ca for 30 years. I work as a Clean Ambassador in Downtown  LA. I love Art and Running and going to the movies. I ran a lot of races like the 5ks 10ks, and 15ks, and Half marathons, and Full Marathons. When you run a race you have the freedom to run fast or not run fast. Finished is winning. 

george (jojo) diaz

Hi y’all, my name is JoJo. I enjoy running for fitness, and more importantly, for community and friendship. I am excited to be an OCM ambassador to continue building those friendships and the running community. 😁 I first ran the OC in 2023, and I was able to run a PR in the half marathon! Throughout the course you will see beautiful neighborhoods and scenic views along the beach. My running buddies, known as the Bixby Knolls Dawn Joggers (BKDJs), and I had a blast at the after party! I hope to see you there in May 2024, and I look forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the OC marathon with you!! 🥳

carrie rodman

Hi, I’m Carrie, a busy mom to 3 young kids, veterinarian, runner, Peloton addict, and “keeper of all things” living outside of St. Paul, Minnesota!

I’ve run 16 marathons, numerous half marathons and a number of shorter distance races since I started running over 20 years ago.  

2023 was my first OC Half experience, which I ran with my brother as his inaugural half marathon and we both loved it!  

The 2023 OC Half was also the last time I ran before starting the recovery process for a stress fracture in my heel.  I’m excited for my return to this energy-filled, party atmosphere, stunningly gorgeous race as an Ambassador and I can’t wait to see you in May for the comeback!

allan jay garcia

Aloha! I’m Allan Jay Garcia. I’m known in the Running community as The Aloha Guy. Many years ago, I adopted the Aloha lifestyle to be Kind, Spread Joy, and Ohana (Family) first.

Im 47 years old and live in Fontana, California. I’m married to my wife Che, and I have two sons Jayden and Jered.  I mostly run with my boys.

Throughout my 30’s and 40’s, I was severely overweight l. I started to begin and build many health problems. I needed to find a way to improve my health, I began that journey by walking. As I began to build better fitness, I started running. I began posting my workouts on Instagram and Facebook. Soon I started sharing on Strava and YouTube. In 2022, I ran the OC Marathon at 4:28 minutes. My previous marathon best was 6 hours and 30 minutes. I have been a part of the OC marathon for 2 years and looking forward to share my love of the marathon/half marathon. I also aim to inspire more people to adapt and active lifestyle.

Gizelle Ponzillo

Gizelle Ponzillo is an inspiration to many. She has achieved a significant weight loss of 170 pounds, and has gone on to run 51 half marathons, 6 marathons, and one 50k race. Her dedication and hard work have led her to her next goal of running a 100k race in the near future. Gizelle’s story is a testament to the power of determination and the impact that regular exercise and healthy eating can have on one’s physical and mental well-being. She serves as a role model for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life and her favorite is the OC Marathon.

maurice washington

Bio coming soon.

jacob reimers

My name is Jacob Reimers and I run with Snail’s Pace & Cal Coast Track Club. I started running in 2018 while finishing my last year of college and since then I have finished 4 half marathons, 10 marathons, & 2 ultra-marathons. Running is a kind of therapy for me, and I enjoy the early mornings & beautiful sunrises it brings into my life. Also, I work for the three stripes (Adidas) and running has now become part of my job. Give me a follow on the socials @run_racob_oc or catch me running around the back bay

monet bosinski

Running has been a big part of my personal growth. I met my husband, my bestest friends and many great friends across the county through running. I have been part of the running community for at least two decades through volunteering , coaching and advocacy. 
I run when I’m happy, I run when I’m bored, I run when I’m busy and I will most definitely run when someone tells me I can’t.