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A Snails Pace

A social club designed to accommodate athletes of all abilities. The club consists of four Chapters with over 400 members: the original Fountain Valley Chapter, the Mission Viejo, Brea and Monrovia chapters. Our members run at all levels of ability, and there is a racing Team available for those who can meet the qualifying standards.

The ASP Running Club is Social group for all levels of runners. Members meet either at the stores or at nearby locations to go on weekly fun runs.

WHEN: Weekly, varies by location

WHERE: Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo, Brea, Monrovia


It is a fantastic opportunity to break up the work week, stay motivated, lace up the shoes for a good workout and socialize with a bunch of great people! Course maps and directions will be available on the bench before every Wednesday Nigh Run.

WHEN: Wednesday Evening

WHERE: Long Beach Marina

social hour run club

We have various weekly runs, and we are free to join. All levels of runners are welcome. Our mission at Social Hour Run Club is to provide a social environment for runners, highlight the local community, and help our runners achieve their running goals.

WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

WHERE: Orange County

pasadena pacers

Ready to run? Just register and join us at our next scheduled outing. Come just as you are—out of shape or super fit—you’ll fit right in. Wear your running shoes and bring a water bottle. Make sure to introduce yourself to someone so you can get hooked up with a coach. No running experience, no money required. Friendly smiles always appreciated.

WHEN: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

WHERE: Pasadena

l.a. leggers

Founded in 1989, L.A. LEGGERS is a running and walking club that prepares people to complete half marathons and full marathons. Every year, hundreds of recreational athletes – from Boston qualifiers to recovering couch potatoes – rely on the L.A. LEGGERS training and educational program. Along the way, many form deep friendships and build a powerful sense of community.

WHEN: Saturday Morning

WHERE: 1450 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica

sole runners

Training programs and coaching! We will meet every Saturday, in Long Beach. We will start off each Saturday with a strength workout and nutritional check-in. There will be short talks on training topics that include hydration, shoes, clothing, and more. We run each Saturday and finish with an optional yoga session. You will receive a training schedule that lists at least two other runs of 30-90 minutes per week and suggested cross training.

WHEN: Saturday Mornings

WHERE: Marina Vista Park in Long Beach

south coast runners

Based in Orange County, CA. We welcome runners of all goals, ages, speeds and styles; fitness runner to racer, ultra marathoner to triathlete, newcomer to veteran. We’re a proud member of the Road Runners Club of America. Come run with us!

WHEN: Mondays, Thursdays, sometimes Saturdays

WHERE: Irvine, CA

riverside roadrunners

The Riverside Road Runners is a fitness oriented Running Club in Riverside. We are a yearlong club that meets on Sunday mornings at 6:30 am at Arlington Heights Sports Park in Riverside for informative talks, announcements and warm-ups, and then off to run or walk

WHEN: Sunday Mornings at 6:30

WHERE: Arlington Heights Sports Park in Riverside, CA

oc craft runners

Orange County based running/craft beer club. Always free and always open to everyone. We meet every Monday at 7pm at a different OC brewery.

WHEN: Monday

WHERE: Orange County, CA

revolution running

Revolution Running is a running training club for all abilities, who want to improve, meet others and have fun in a coached group training environment.
​Members can choose from five ability groups and attend up to three group workouts per week.

WHEN: Find Here

WHERE: Colorado Based

the lopers club

Members are grouped into pace groups so they are training with others who share their ability level. The pace groups are led by pace leaders, experienced marathoners who help train other members reach their goals.

The Lopers always encourage others to come train and have fun with us! 

WHEN: Sunday

WHERE: Loma Linda

cal coast track club

The Cal Coast Track Club of Southern California has members composed of youth and adult, casual, competitive, master, and elite runners and walkers.

Cal Coast offers individual coaching and group training programs for all levels on a year-round basis. No matter what your level of running is, or whatever your goal is, we have a program for you

WHEN: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

WHERE: Orange County

half fanatics

This is a club for runners who are crazy about running half marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 half marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify for membership to this running club.

100 half marathons club

The 100 Half Marathons Club was established to recognize and celebrate athletes that have completed 100 lifetime half marathons (or more!), and to encourage and help others reach this goal. 

This club is open to all athletes worldwide that have completed at least 10 lifetime half marathons. There are no rules regarding where, when or how long it takes you to achieve this goal. Runners, walkers, and athletes of all abilities are welcome.

marathon maniacs

This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. 

Do you have what it takes?

south bay runners club

The mission of the South Bay Runners Club (SBRC) is to provide scientific based running and walking programs through a friendly atmosphere to individuals of all running/walking levels. SBRC promotes and encourages health and fitness utilizing distance running and walking at all levels.

When: Tuesday Evening, Thursday Evening, Sunday Morning

Where: Manhattan Beach

jeff galloway training

A running training program for all levels. Come and run/walk/run your way to a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon!

Where: Long Beach

riverside Health and Fitness

Riverside Health and Fitness
We are a personal training gym here in Riverside that offers outdoor biweekly team training for walkers and runners of all levels!  Warm ups along with information regarding proper shoes, attire, nutrition, and hydration will also be provided before our walk or run.  Cool down with static stretches will also be offered.  Please visit our website and contact us for more information!
When: Biweekly on Saturdays
Where: Riverside

the coto run club

The Coto Run Club is a casual group for runners who live in the Coto de Caza/Dove Canyon area in South OC. Our members range from beginner to those competing in marathons and triathlons. There’s some group run going on most days of the week, and on Saturday mornings, we typically have a walk/run interval group as well as a group who runs longer.

WHEN: Saturday morning (and most days of the week)

WHERE: Coto de Caza/Dove Canyon

club ed running

Club Ed Running is a community running club located in the South Bay Beach Cities region of Los Angeles. Our goal is to help runners of all ages and fitness enjoy the sport of running at all levels of speed, experience, and talent. We provide organized venues for members to train and experienced guidance to help runners of all levels improve. With a low-key approach to personal improvement fueled by each runner’s individual motivation, the club provides a way for new runners to meet other local runners, discover new places to run, and to learn and practice better ways to train.

WHEN: Wednesday nights (& more, check website)

WHERE: Mira Costa High School Track,  Manhattan Beach (& more, check website)

silver lake track club

Founded in 2018, the Silver Lake Track Club is a free + low key running club dedicated to build a better local community through athletics and to help athletes train for any track or road distance.   Join us for LA Marathon training season or let us know an upcoming race and goal time and we’ll build workouts to get you there.
Take It Easy, But Take It.

WHEN/WHERE: Sunday Sessions and Track Night (Tuesdays or Thursdays)


DongDalMo is a running club based out of Irvine founded in 2006 for all abilities of athletes from beginner runner, walkers, to expert runners.  Our goal is to provide a well organized training group that runs while having fun.

WHEN/WHERE: We invite all to join us 6AM each Sunday at Hicks Canyon Park.

Easy Runners

The largest Korean-American Running club in the country and is located in Cerritos with members throughout southern California. We participate in many local running events year round and provide comprehensive training/support for our members to compete and finish a Full/Half marathon.

WHEN: Sunday morning

WHERE: Cerritos Regional Park

moms run this town

Moms RUN This Town started as literally a simple conversation:
“hey, we should start a running club for moms”…

WHEN: Find Here

WHERE: Find Here

Inland Empire Running CLub

The Inland Empire Running Club (IERC) of Chino Hills is non-profit organization created by veteran runners, walkers, coaches and people with a mission to advance the joy of the sports of running and walking in the Inland Empire of southern California. IERC is a year round marathon and distance training club specifically designed to meet the needs of all people regardless of their level of fitness.

WHEN: Saturday mornings at 7 AM

WHERE: Butterfield Ranch Elementary School, Chino Hills CA


Team Runner’s High is a club, located in Long Beach, CA for runners of all ages and abilities. The club provides the opportunity to meet other runners and to improve running performance through regular workouts. The club also organizes social gatherings and other outings for members, their families and friends. Everyone is welcome!
Please come and meet us at our weekly workouts. If you like what you see, you can join our group and experience the support and friendship of our many members.

WHERE: Long Beach

Mikkeller Running Club

Mikkeller Running Club was established in 2014. The philosophy behind the club is that enjoying great beer and doing a bit of physical activity can help you keep a balance in life.
We always run on the First Saturday of the month and we aim to have routes, pace and distances suitable for all types of runners. After the training it’a hangtime and we all enjoy a beer – or two. Follow your local chapter for info about where and when to meet up.

WHERE: Orange county

Run Republic

You may RUN to get fit, BUT the real question is… ARE YOU FIT TO RUN?
At Run Republic® we connect indoor fitness with outdoor fitness. We know that a lifetime of fitness comes from enjoying the workout and making it part of your everyday lifestyle. The fittest, healthiest people enjoy exercising outdoors… –> AND to do so, they spend time indoors preparing their bodies, cross-training, for those outdoor adventures. At Run Republic® our training will prepare you for a lifetime of fun outside, hiking, walking, cycling, jogging or running. We are here to get you out there! If you have never ran or really exercised outdoors, or if your are an outdoor enthusiast, our club is right for you. Together we will move forward. Together we are RUN REPUBLIC®.

WHERE: Walnut + stockton ca

LARC (LA Running Club)

LARC is a non-profit, all-volunteer running club located in Santa Monica, California for runners and walkers of all levels. If you’re  looking for track workouts, long runs, fun runs, race walking, social events, training, information, or running resources, you’re in the right place! Our Wednesday Night Track program offers workouts for Interval, Repetition, Track Light, and Walking for all.

WHERE: Santa Monica

Bixby Knolls Dawn Joggers

Join our free weekday neighborhood jogging/walking group in Bixby Knolls. All levels welcomed! We meet Monday through Friday rain or shine. A run is led Mon, Wed, Fri and a walk is led every Tues & Thurs. We do not meet on Holidays. The 3-4 mile route starts and ends in front of Jamba Juice at the corner of Atlantic & Carson, leaving at 5:15am sharp. People usually arrive around 5:05-5:10am. Routes provided upon arrival. See you there!

WHERE: Long Beach

Orange County Endurance

Bringing Orange County Endurance athletes together to network and grow! No set reoccurring meet up. Find out more through Instagram or discord!

Too Legit Fitness

Too Legit Fitness is a health fitness group established in 2011 in San Jose, CA and born out of a love for fitness, healthy living and camaraderie. We have nearly 1,000 members from all different walks of life and different ability levels… from recreational runners/walkers to Boston Marathoners. We all have different reasons why we train and run, including: to run a marathon or half marathon, achieve a goal, lose weight, build strength, get healthy, make new friends, maintain a healthy lifestyle, connect with others, challenge oneself, build a positive mental attitude and much more!

Costa Mesa Yacht Club

The premier running club for 40 something dads in the city of Costa Mesa.

Latinos Run

Latinos Run is an international organization that promotes running as way to improve physical and mental health of the Latino community.
WHERE: Latinos Run LA meets every Wednesday in LA

Latinas Run

Latinas Run, established in 2016, is a free platform uniting Latina women worldwide through running and fitness. Our mission is to create a global impact by collaborating with communities to address health issues and promote a healthier lifestyle for women of all backgrounds. Join us on a transformative journey where Together We Rise!

No More Lonely Runs

A community for the community!
Where: Saturday Mornings in Manhattan, NYC

Beach Cities Road Runners

BCRR is organized to provide a community-based running organizations that empowers all people to participate in the sport of running in pursuit of enjoyment, health, well-being and competition. In furtherance of our purpose, the Club hosts group runs, fun runs, training runs, running events, and programs on the road, track, and trails. The Club hosts education sessions about topics of interest for runners, provides awards, hosts social events, and all such other things as may be conducive to the encouragement of running. The Club also engages in community activities, to publicize by appropriate means, the benefits of running as a means of physical fitness to improve the health status of people in our community.

WHERE: Bolsa Chica Wetlands Huntington Beach (Slater/Graham), 8:00 A.M. Saturdays

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