Saturday, May 3, 2025


What is it?

The Kids Run the OC Program is a 10-12 week program that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle to kids to help prevent the onset of child obesity. During the 10-12 weeks, the kids have practice before, during or after school, where they accumulate a total of 25.2 miles of exercise through FUN, play activities!

Why should my kids be involved?

Did you know that healthy, fit Kids get better grades and test scores AND are more likely to become healthy teens and adults? Studies from the Orange County Department of Education show that only 39% of all Orange County 5th graders passed the 2011 State Fitness Test. We know that you want your kids to be healthy.

Great, we love it!

Now how do we get started? If there is ALREADY a KROC Program at your school, have your kids join it and offer to volunteer to help with the program. New School Info Nights should be attended by all New Schools that want to join the 2024 Program.

School coaches

Represent Your Kid's School

We can’t do it without you! Let’s get your kid’s school involved this year! Coach Training starts in January and Kids Run Training starts in March. 
Contact us to get involved!