California time to travel challenge


The California Time To Travel Challenge (CTTTC) begins at the 2023 OC Marathon with the first Time To Travel medals given to runners that have run any distance at the 2022 San Francisco Marathon (except The Lollipop 1K), and then run any distance at the 2023 OC Marathon (except Kid’s Run The OC). If you didn’t run in 2022, you can start your challenge at the 2023 OC Marathon and qualify for the medal at the 2023 San Francisco Marathon!

 If you can’t make the OC Marathon in May, The CTTTC will continue in 2024 with runners who participate in July at the 2023 San Francisco Marathon becoming eligible to qualify at the 2024 OC Marathon. All runners that complete both events will receive the TIME TO TRAVEL medal!

Ready to take on the challenge?

The Rules

  • You are eligible at your second qualifying event in the series.  The challenge then starts again. 
  • To be eligible, runners must register for both events with the same first name, last name and birth date.
  • Events must be completed consecutively, if you skip an event, the challenge must be started over.
  • After completing the challenge and receiving the award, the challenge starts again and can be repeated by traveling back to the next event again for fun and to collect the new medal. The Time To Travel medal award will change yearly so you can continue collecting the California Time To Travel Challenge medals.
  • Virtuals are not eligible.

The Reward

Upon completion of qualifying events at both The OC and San Francisco, runners will recieve the CTTTC medal.

Race Day Instructions

  • Pick up your bib at our Race Expo and check for the Challenge stamp. This is the ticket to pick up your medal at the finish line. If your bib is not stamped, please visit the Solutions Table at the Race Expo.
  • Medals will be available for pick-up at the Challenges Booth at the finishline on race day.
  • Medals must be picked up on race day and will not be mailed for any reason.