participating run clubs get special perks!

oc run club benefits include...

  • DISCOUNTS: Run Clubs get a custom discount code for your group when you make the OC Marathon Running Festival one of your club race. Additional discount opportunities from our partners!
  • COMPETITION: We have created an all new Run Club Leaderboard that will showcase the top 30 run clubs of The OC Marathon. Each club gets 1 point per runner, and the club with the most points come event weekend will receive:
    • Recognition + an award at The OC Marathon VIP Reception.
    • The best spot in the run club village for your group to gather after they cross the finish line.
    • Food + drinks provided by The OC Marathon on Sunday May 5th. To be brought by the OCM team to your running club village location.
    • A shoutout on our social channels + web page recognizing your group as The OC Marathon 2024 Run Club Champion.
  • PROMOTION: Feature on our website and social for runners in your area to access your run club information and potentially join!
  • REBATE: Opportunity to secure a 5% rebate for your club on all registration fees paid for those who have joined your group. This check can only be cut if they have filled out the application and submitted a W9 form for their Run Club with their application.

2024 Run club leaderboard

Check out our top 30 clubs displayed here! Will your club be one of them?