Beach Cities Challenge

Next Up - The 2016 Surf City USA Marathon

in Huntington Beach! 

Finish your challenge in 2016!


Cruise the Beach for Your Next Challenge!

Pacific Coast Highway never looked so good! Conquer the Beach Cities Challenge by completing, in consecutive order, any combo of full or half marathons at the Surf City Marathon, the OC Marathon and the Long Beach Marathon. Run all three in a row and receive this fabulous medal!

Upcoming Series Events 

- The  Surf City USA Marathon and Half - February 7, 2016

- The U.S. Bank OC Marathon and Half - May 1, 2016

- The JetBlue Long Beach Marathon and Half - October 9, 2016


Events must be completed in consecutive order to qualify for the medal.

Surf City started the challenge in 2011 and an amazing 1,800 completed their challenge in Long Beach on October 9, 2011. To date, over 20,000 have completed their challenge. 

Get yours started today.

Challenge Information
The Beach Cities Challenge is a race series that includes three Southern California marathons – the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, the Orange County Marathon, and the Long Beach Marathon. Runners who complete any combination of half or full marathons in all three events consecutively will receive a special Beach Cities Challenge Medal.  (Registration for the challenge is not required to enter.)


Runners must complete any combination of full or half marathons in each of the three events in consecutive order, starting with any of the three events. For example, if a runner starts the series at the Orange County Marathon in 2015, he/she must complete Long Beach 2015 and Surf City 2016 to qualify for the reward.

If a person misses even one event in consecutive order, they need to start over to receive the award.

Upon completion of the third race in the series, runners will automatically qualify to receive a special Beach Cities medal to recognize their achievement. This can be picked up in the finish area of each event.

If you have already completed your challenge in Long Beach, Surf City, or OC Marathon, get  it started again. New Beach Cities Challenge medals will be released annually. 

Registration and Official Finish Times
There is no additional cost to registering for and participating in the series. Simply register for  each event as usual and your qualification will be automatic after your third race.  Be sure to register early using the same name and birth date for each race.  Once a race has sold out, you will NOT be able to register.  You must receive an finish time for each event qualify.

Beach Cities Challenge Continues!
This series has been extended and will continue through 2016.
  The new Sand Dollar medal will be a MUST HAVE! It is possible to complete the series more than once and receive more than one medal. Go for it!!