Some answers to FAQs because of this darn Covid-19

I was registered for 2020. What are my options?

We are working hard to meet the needs of each runner. We sincerely hope that one of the following options worked for you.

(1) You could have Run Virtually before November 8, 2020 and you should have received a code to register at a 25% discount to 2021.

(2) You could have deferred your registration to a future event.

(3) You can run in-person at our rescheduled November OC Half on Nov 7th.

I was on track to be a legacy runner. Does it still count?

If you were on track to be a Legacy Runner, running the race virtually in 2020 will retain your Legacy status and will qualify you for your Legacy Gift.

Participating in a 2021 deferral will not qualify you for the Beach Cities.

I made a hotel reservation through the OC website. How do I cancel/change?

For assistance with a new reservation, making a change  or cancellation call Tillie, CTC Conferences & Events


What if I am running the Beach Cities Challenge?

There will be a few different scenarios here. In all scenarios, we move forward as if the OC 2020 event is still taking place in May 2020. For the sake of keeping the Beach Cities challenge structured in the future, we will assume the order has not changed. You still must complete one race at each event to complete the challenge and receive the medal.

OC 2020 ⇒ Long Beach 2020 ⇒ Surf City 2021 ⇒ OC 2021 ⇒ Long Beach 2021 ⇒ Surf City 2021

(1) If OC is your final (third) race in the series:

-and you choose to run virtually, we'll mail your Beach Cities medal with your virtual run package

-and you defer to 2021, you will not complete the 2020 challenge, you will have to start the series over at your next Beach Cities race.

(2) If OC is your 2nd race in the series:

-and you choose to run virtually, you will remain eligible to receive your Beach Cities Challenge medal at Long Beach. Now that LB has also cancelled you will need to complete the virtual at LB.

-and you defer to 2021, you will not complete the 2020 challenge, you will have to start the series over at your next Beach Cities race.

(3) If the OC is your first race in the series:

-and you choose to run virtually, you will remain eligible to receive your Beach Cities Challenge, and your next race will be Long Beach, followed by Surf City.

-You will have to run Long Beach 2020 virtually as well and Surf City would be your final race and you will get your award there in February.

-and you defer to 2021, you will start your series at your next race. You could start at Long Beach 2020 and finish at OC 2021 or start at Surf City 2021 and finish at Long Beach 2021.

We understand this could be a confusing year. With any further questions, please email info@ocmarathon.com

Registration Information

How do I change my registration from marathon to 1/2 marathon since there is no full at the November event?

All full marathon registrants would have received an email with a code to re-register for the half or they can ask to defer to the May 1st, 2022 event when the full marathon will be back. After 10/15/21 participants will have to transfer to their preferred race (the OC 5K, half) at the Expo by visiting the solutions table.

You will be able to continue to upgrade to the COMBO CRUSH through 10/24/21.

You can find the transfer button on the right side of this page.

Do you allow wheelchair &/or handcycle participants?

Yes.  All chair participants will begin their half at 5:58 AM. For wheelchair and hand cycle participants that expect to finish below 60:00 minutes, please contact race officials at info@ocmarathon.com.

I lost my confirmation, but I registered online, or my check was cashed

Confirm your registration here.

You do not need your confirmation. Registered participants will receive their bib numbers via email on Thursday, November 4, 2021. If a participant does not get a bib number via email or have a confirmation, no problem!  Just grab your ID and head on over to the OC Fair & Event Center for the OC Lifestyle & Fitness Expo. When you get there, look up your name on the alpha lists (provided by Race Central) as you enter the Expo. Once you find your bib number, you will proceed to the corresponding registration table where you will need to provide a valid photo ID and sign the release waivers.

Can I pick up my packet on Race Day?

Yes and No. For the Saturday OC 5K, it is recommended that runners come to the expo on Saturday afternoon, get their packet and run their 5K. They should then stick around and enjoy the band. There is NO race day bib pick-up on Sunday for the half marathon.

All participants must attend the OC Lifestyle and Fitness Expo to pick up their bibs and packets on Friday November 5, 2021 between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m or Saturday, November 6, 2021 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You will be required to show your identification to pick up your own race bib, D-tag timing chip, technical shirt or t-shirt.

If your travels plans do not allow you to be able to get to the expo during these hours,  you must order the bib to be mailed in advance to your home or office. There is a $25 fee for this service.

A friend or family member may pick up your bib IF AND ONLY IF they have a copy of your driver's license and a signed waiver which can be downloaded. Click on the View Waiver button. 

What if I have a question on race day?

For all questions and inquiries, participants and spectators can visit the Information Tower, located in the Finish Line Festival at the OC Fair and Event Center.

Participant Information

Will there be Personal Items Storage?

UPS has been handling our Personal Item Storage for years and they are FANTASTIC!   One of the most recognized names in the world, will ensure your personal items are delivered from the start line to the finish line.  Look for the UPS trucks near the start line to check in your bags. At the finish line, look for the UPS trucks after you exit the finish line chutes. YOU MUST USE THE CLEAR DRAWSTING BAG & TAB FROM BIB PROVIDED AT THE EXPO TO CHECK YOUR ITEMS. No backpacks or other bags, other than clear plastic bags, will be permitted.

Will there be a Participant Lost & Found?

Yes. Items of value that have been turned in will be located at the Information Tower at the OC Fair & Event Center. Unclaimed items will be held at the OC Marathon offices for 30 days after the event and then donated to charity. You may email us at info@ocmarathon.com for 30 days after the event to check for your items and we can make arrangements to get it to you or for you to come by our offices to retrieve them. Anything still at our office after 30 days will be donated to charity. PLEASE NOTE: Any clothing or bags left at the start line will be collected immediately following the start of the race and donated to the Salvation Army.  Please do not leave items at the start line.


Will There Be Shuttles?

Pre Race Bus Shuttles will run from the Finish Line at the OC Fair and Event Center to the Start line between these hours:

Half Marathon Shuttles: from 3:45 am – 5:45 am

5K Shuttles: Not applicable

Post Race Shuttles: For participants that park at the start line, there will be bus shuttle service back to the Start Line following the race. The shuttles will pick you up in front of Centennial Farms and drop you off at the start line.

Hotel Shuttles: For 2021, there will not be arranged shuttles that will pick up from the Costa Mesa hotels. However, many of the Costa Mesa hotels are providing their own shuttles to the start. Please check out the OC Marathon Hotel page to see which properties will have shuttles. 


Where do I park?

Parking daily at the OC Fair and Event Center will be $10 (Card preferred).You can also purchase a parking pass for $10 for Sunday at the Expo when you're picking up your bib. This will make the lines move faster Sunday morning.

Please do not park in any area that is not designated The OC Marathon Event Parking area. In order to accommodate the normal traffic around Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, as well as accommodate for the heavy shopping traffic, we need to direct The OC Marathon traffic to the assigned lots. You run the risk of being towed should you choose to park in another area. Parking at any non-designated lot of the Marathon and Half Marathon will be at your own risk.

Shuttle service will begin at 4:00 a.m. from the finish line area at the OC Fair and Event Center and continue through the Marathon and Half Marathon starting times. Visit Parking and Directions for detailed information.

Course Information

What is the time requirement on the course?

There is no Full Marathon for November 2021

The participant on course time limit is 3.5 hours for the Half Marathon. Please note that the course will have a rolling re-opening that will be strictly enforced by the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Police Departments. Roads must reopen based on a 16 minute per mile pace.*


Runners unable to finish the race may stop at any water station along the course.  The water station captain will alert the support vehicles to pick you up. Runners still out on the course when officials determine it is time to reopen the roads (approximately a 16-minute per mile pace) will be informed they are now a pedestrian and must obey all pedestrian traffic laws, stopping at red lights, using crosswalks, using sidewalks, etc. Once roads begin to reopen to vehicular traffic, course support, including water stations, course signage, mile markers, timing systems, and medical stations will close. Runners on the course after this time accept that they will be on their own and should plan accordingly, OR utilize the support vehicle to return to the finish line.   The support vehicles will have printed directions for walkers to return to the finish line on their own.

Will there be portable restrooms on the course?


Will this be a Boston Qualifier?

Yes! Good luck!

Are iPods allowed on the course?


Will photographs be taken along the course and at the finish? If so, how can I order these pictures?

Sport Photo Group will be there on the course and at the finish line to capture you in photos AND video on the day of your big race.
Photos will be available online within 36 hours after you have finished and all participants will be able to order a digital package, order printed phots and be able to download a free finisher certificate.
You will be notified via email (if it was provided on your registration form) when the photos are ready. After the event we will post a link to the web site for your convenience.

Am I allowed to bring my baby stroller jogger, or have my friend in-line skate with me?

Baby stroller joggers are not recommended but with pre-approval, will be allowed. If approved, you must start at the back of all the participants.

In-line skaters, bicyclists, as well as pets will be prohibited on the course in order to ensure the safety of all runners.

Can walkers register for the Marathon? Half Marathon? 5K?

There will be no full marathon for 2021 but walkers are certainly encouraged to participate. The Half Marathon has a 3.5 hour time limit, so as long as you can walk a 16 minute mile, you can walk event. The 5K does not have a time limit.

Other Questions

Is there an age cutoff for volunteering?

Volunteers must be 16 years or older, or accompanied by an adult. Visit the Volunteers Page to sign up for volunteer opportunities when available.

Who are the Charities?

Please visit the Charity Partners Page for a complete listing of our 2020 Charity Partners. Please e-mail charities@ocmarathon.com if you would like to apply to be a 2021 official charity.

Teams and Running Clubs

My employer wants information on having a team.  Details on our Corporate Challenge program can be found on our Corporate Challenge page.
Can my Run Club Register? Absolutely. Visit Running Clubs for more information.

Do you have marathon pace groups?

Yes. We have pace teams for all of the milestone times and BQ times.. The complete list of pacers and their times can be found for the Half Marathon Pace Groups and on Pace Groups